I have always wanted to know how to crochet.

I have tried knitting and I can do it but I am no way near being a knitter, it doesn’t seem to matter how many times I attempt it, or how many people try to teach me I just can’t get past the basic knit and it doesn’t click with me at all. Much to my mothers disgust!

But I have looked at crocheted items for ages now and have thought that it looks a lot easier and that I can do a lot more with it.

I have attempted it a couple of times, but again it just didn’t seem to click.

I was disappointed.

But I think the want for learning to crochet was a lot bigger than knitting, so last weekend when I wasn’t feeling that great I decided to have another go at it.

And something seemed to click.

Within a couple of hours I was sitting on the sofa and making a phone case.

It took about an hour to make, there were and still are a few issues with some of the stitches but unless you looked closely and were a pro I think I totally got away with it.

And once it clicked, it really did click. I am still only doing a chain and a double crochet, but I am following my book that I brought for my kindle and am not trying to run before I can walk, I want to get really confident on these before I start anything else.

That evening after making my phone case I sat down and started on a kindle case.

I even got a little braver, and made a little decoration on the front of the case.

But I still had a problem with making the correct number of stitches in a row, the bottom of the case is quite a bit bigger than the top, but again unless you are looking closely it will do. It is all about trail and error and I was so pleased that I was getting there with trying.

I decided rather than trying anything too elaborate I would follow the book that I learning from and would make some hand warmers as the book suggests. But I did decide that I would put a twist on it, I have really thin yarn, a lot thinner than what is suggested in the book, so I decided to put two contrasting colours together and make the yarn thicker.

These are taking longer to make as I am really concentrating on how many stitches are in each row, as I don’t want to decrease or increase the row length I really want these to be the same size and consistent throughout the warmers.

So far so good, but the best thing is that I am really enjoying making this stuff, and I feel so comfortable with it. I think that I can safely say that I am not a knitter, however I may be a crocheter!

Lets see how it pans out!!

Learning to Crochet
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