Ok so I have been tagged by Super Single Mum for the Kreative Blogger Award. Now within this award I have to tell you seven things about myself that I have not told you before. Now I too have found this hard, as I think I am quite open about myself in my blog, but here goes.

1) I met and fell for Mr L when he was the only person in the bar that didn’t feel sorry for me when I walked into the pub with a broken collar-bone after my car crash Mr L laughed hysterically at me, he made me laugh the rest as they say is history. Not the normal way of starting a relationship but it worked for us!

2) I am extremely argumentative, I am never wrong, if I start off wrong I will try my hardest to become right and if I can’t do that I will still argue my point until the other person gives in so I am right anyway! There is always a way to be right.

3) I have met Anthea Turner at an awards ceremony with my best friend, she was a very nice lady.

4) I have all of the boy band Blue’s autographs. My best friend interviewed them in her first job, and sneakily asked for them to do their autographs for me as I loved them.

5) I have to tidy in my house, no one else puts things in the right place. If they try to tidy I go along afterwards and move everything back to where it belongs. Sometimes in secret too!

6) I can’t eat burnt toast! I would rather the dog have it than me.

7) I will 99% of the time leave my main course to eat my pudding, because puddings are best!

So there you go, there are seven things that you never knew about me.

So now I have to pass this award on, if you decide to accept this meme this is what you have to do:


Kreativ Blogger Award – Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Me

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