Since I got my new sewing machine for my birthday in January my aim has always been to make a quilt I have even brought a couple of pieces of fabrics to get started on the quilt but have stopped there as I have really been sure what to do next.

I have been trying hard to remember how I used to make the quilts when I worked in the Haberdashery shop I worked in as a teenager but unfortunately I have all but forgotten how I did them.

But then someone mentioned how easy it was to make a jelly roll quilt. So I have been looking around for a jelly roll that I generally like, that doesn’t cost the earth.

Luckily at the weekend I found the perfect jelly roll that fitted both the requirements, it was a colour scheme that I liked and it didn’t break the bank to buy it. So I decided to buy it and take the plunge and attempt to make a quilt with the jelly roll.

Jelly roll, quilt, sewing, hobby, project, craft, homemade

This isn’t going to be a massive quilt but we all have to start somewhere, and after raiding Pinterest and You Tube I have found two designs that I really like and that look very simple to make, I haven’t completely decided on which type of design I am going to use in the final quilt but both of them start with four strips sewn together before anything else so I have started with that.

jelly roll, quilt, sewing, craft, homemade, project, home

Following both of the quilt’s patterns I have cut each jelly roll strip in half to create more variety in the quilt to show more colours and more variations of the colours in the quilt.

quilt, jelly roll, sewing, project, homemade,

When all of these strips are sewn together I will make a decision on the final look of the quilt and what colour I will do the backing and the edges of the quilt.  But I have to say currently I am really enjoying what I am doing and hope that it will be a lovely quilt at the end of it.

Jelly Roll Quilt Part One
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