This is one of the most common statements we hear at home.

Generally around midday at 5-6pm we hear it.

Every single day.

It is always from Boo, and it is always related to food.

Boo is ones of the fussiest children I know, and I actual include myself in that category, as I too was an incredibly fussy child. But Boo totally out does me.

He doesn’t eat hot food at all really.

He eats sausages, only Richmond, cheese, eggs, which is really only an omelette, pasta, bacon and pizza. He will sometimes eat a burger.

He hates veg, he eats fruit in the day.

He hates gravy, any form of potato, mince, chicken, noodles, sauces in general or anything normal like that.

Meal times are a chore.

If we make him just what we are eating he refuses everything, if we stick to what we know he likes he makes the list of food he likes even smaller.

And I am getting a little at my wit’s end.

He will happily eat cereal or toast or fruit in the morning. He will eat sandwiches, Marmite or cheese spread at lunch time with fruit, yoghurt and crisps at lunch time, and will happily snack in fruit, yoghurts and if he got away with it cakes, and chocolate all day, he doesn’t get away with cakes and chocolate all day.

Meal times are a chore.

BB will eat anything you put in front of him, Boo is a completely different child.

He starts school in September and I would really like his food issues to be a little better than they currently are and am looking for ideas how we could tackle this.

If you have any ideas to help I would be grateful to hear them.

I Don’t Like It!!!
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