I currently have thousands of pictures on my old laptop, (the one that I am having to currently use because the MacBook seems a little sad and broken), it is slow, they are using up all of the memory and not one of them are organised.

They are backed up in the mess that they are but not organised at all.

It is something that I have wanted to do for years and years and when I first started taking digital photos they were all organised, then I changed computers and the photos got mixed up and none of the system I had got transferred and I left it to be honest.

I now have numerous files, with pictures from 2009 right through to 2013 all scattered around and not one of them edited.

It drives me mad, and I really want to get the pictures sorted. I have duplicate photos, ones that have been edited specifically for the blog and ones that have been left alone. So basically my computer is bursting at its seams, and I am also stumped with my scrapbooking.

If my pictures were all organised it would be a lot easier to sit down of an evening, print off a few pictures and do a few scrapbook pages, or to even just sit at the computer and make a digital scrapbook page. Neither of these things are happening and I am getting years of pictures of Baba and Boo and having a scrapbooker as a mummy neither of them have a very full album at all.

It is something that I want to change, and it would help the business if I had some Scrapbook pages to show off, to do tutorials with, and for people to scraplift.

All something that with the mess I currently have on my computer I can’t do as I really can’t find the pictures that I want or when I need them.

So my mission the next few days are to sort through the pictures, file them into the right files, by events and years, and then to edit them and get rid of the duplicates, and the trashy pictures and to back them all up once again.

But I am intrigued I am thinking events, and years are the best way to store my pictures and then to just have a general file for 2009 for instance that has general pictures of Baba and Boo and general day-to-day pictures that I have taken in the past.

But how do you sort yours? Do you have some super dooper system that just does not fail, because if you do I would actually love to hear about it as I am not 100% sure that the system I have chosen will work so send your systems over. How do you store and sort out your digital photos?


How Do You Sort Yours?
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