Baba has always been a play doh lover, but we haven’t really every used it with Boo. Mainly because he puts everything in his mouth.

As he has got older he has got better with putting things in his mouth, but I am still aware that he does do it, so I haven’t really ever given him shop brought play doh.

When I was younger I always had homemade play doh and remember mum having a certain saucepan that she made it in, it was always warm and always smelt of almonds and I loved it.

But play doh is something on a whim in our house, I decide to get it out and we use it, so I need a quick and easy recipe one that doesn’t need a lot of ingredients and can be made when we need it and the kids don’t have to wait for it.

I came across this recipe on Facebook from Nicko’s Kitchen and it seemed absolutely perfect.

All you need is;

3 cups flour
1 cup salt
1 cup water
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
Food Colouring of your choice!

(I added Vanilla Essence as well to make it smell nice)

It is really simple, mix it all together with a spoon. Then knead it for a few minutes, divide and add different food colourings. It is literally that simple.

It took about 10 minutes tops to make from start to finish.

And the boys loved it!

Baba was really excited as he hasn’t played with it for ages, and Boo was copying everything Baba was doing so was learning to play with the play doh beautifully!

Baba made some cakes!

And mixed the colours up, making a new colour, which he loved doing.

He was even more amazed that it didn’t just turn to brown!

I made Boo a little monster, which he loved and was very excited about.

Boo spent most of his time, crashing his cars into the play doh and making tracks.

Then Baba and I got some dry spaghetti and built some shapes with that and the play doh, meaning that Boo had a car park for all those busy cars.

All in all the boys played solidly for an hour with the play doh, I got a massive table-cloth out and put it on the floor, so they sat in it, played with it, squashed it but generally just had fun with it.

I then put the play doh in plastic food bags, and a day later it is as good as it was the first day so I shall see how long it actually lasts for!

But a really simple and effective play doh recipe that we will be using again and again.

Homemade Play Doh
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