These past few months I have really wanted to sort our eating habits out as a family not just for me.

The first thing that I really focused on was drinking, I am still not great at it but I am trying my hardest and it is a thing that I think will really take a long time for me to get used to. After all I have spent my whole life not drinking enough so it is a big difference to my usual routine.

The second big change that I really want to make is reduce our sugar. To say cut it out completely with two boys in the house is silly, but I really want to reduce it.

I know we eat too much sugar, and I am fully aware I am the worst culprit for it. But I really want to reduce it.

This week every night, except one, you are always allowed a cheat night, I have been consciously making all of our meals from scratch and mixing a few things up. I have been using Davina McCall Five Weeks to Sugar Free cookbook, and so far the meals have all been lovely and we all as a family have enjoyed them.

I am kind off mixing up different things that I have learned over the years from different diets and trying to make sure that our evening meal is a super healthy meal. In the day I am still doing Juice Plus and next week I am going to be focusing some more planning into our lunch time meals and Mr L’s day time food, as that is where we all slip really.

Last night for the first time I tried Cauliflower Pizza after seeing it doing the rounds on the internet.

I used the recipe for the base from Lavender and Lovage, which you can read here but I changed the topping. Knowing what everyone likes here, I knew that I had to make the pizza appealing.

I’ll admit I had a mishap with the spices, when I opened one it shot out, and I ended up with more than I needed which resulted in a very herby base. It wasn’t a disaster but next time I will not use as many as it was quite overpowering.

It was an easy pizza to make to be honest, and one that smelt amazing. Our topping was tomato, ham and mozzarella one side and chorizo, and mozzarella the other side.

The outcome was that Boo hated it, wouldn’t even entertain it after one mouthful, Mr L thought the herbs were overpowering, see the above mistake, but is willing to try it without all the herbs again.

I liked it and Baba loved it. Wolfing down three slices in seconds. I have literally never seen him eat pizza so quickly and a healthy version at that. To be honest I have never seen him eat cauliflower like that before full stop. So for that it was a massive hit.

It is something I will be doing again, and something that I think can be approved, but for my very first attempt I think it was a really good attempt and a recipe that I will be adding to our list of healthy recipes to have again.

Healthy Eating and A Cauliflower Pizza
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