When Baba was little he got poorly one day and ended up with spots all over his face and hands, it wasn’t a massive amount, but the blistered and we thought he had chicken pox. We went to the doctor and got told he had hand, foot and mouth.

He was a tad grumpy, was very cuddly and within a couple of days he was back to normal. It really was more of an annoyance than anything else and didn’t really seem to affect him at all.

It was such a non illness that we have never even thought about it again to be honest.

This week Boo got poorly.

He was a little snuffly on Sunday but seemed ok. However by Monday he had a raging temperature and really was not right in himself.

He had two sleeps in the day on Monday, and kept saying his ears hurt and was just full of a cold/virus. He spent most of the day on the sofa and really just drank, he refused tea instead eating some grapes and banana and by the time bedtime came he was shattered.

Within an hour of going to bed he had woke himself back up coughing and just generally not being able to breathe.

It was the first of many and as the night went on he got worse. His temperature didn’t seem to go down, it wasn’t rising but it was going either, and throughout the night he cried and at times was so upset it was hard to calm him down.

By Tuesday morning he still had a high temperature, wasn’t drinking a huge amount and was refusing to eat, and started to develop spots, blister like spots around his mouth.

So off we went to the doctors to be told that he had hand, foot and mouth.

As the day went on he just cried, he hardly ate yesterday and drunk much less than he usually does, although he did sleep a lot better.

Today his temperature seems to have finally gone, but his mouth is so sore, inside and out. He has blistery spots all around the outside of his mouth, and he also has blistery spots all on his tongue and inside his mouth. It has also spread to his feet that seem to be covered today.

He still isn’t eating, he is drinking though and milk seems to be his favourite today, and seems to be the only thing that isn’t hurting. Anything else that has passed his lips makes his mouth hurt, as I keep being told.

But he is still clearly unwell, and seems to have this a lot worse than his brother ever did.

I am just hoping that the calpol and nurofen keep on top of the pain, and that he will get over this as quickly as it seemed to start.

Hand, Foot and Mouth is a viral infection that affects young children with common symptoms being a high temperature, loss of appetite, cold like symptoms and a cough. A non itchy rash that are fluid filled, like blisters, around the hands and feet but can also appear on knees, elbows, groin and bottom, and finally mouth ulcers. 

You can read more about the symptoms, causes, and treatment of hand, foot and mouth disease on the NHS Website here.

Hand, Foot and Mouth Boo’s Edition
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