This year Baba was excited for Halloween in September!

He was so excited it was hard to contain!

This year as every year we went to my sisters for Halloween, for a Halloween tea, and trick or treating.

But this year we did more things, as Baba was that little bit older.

I got involved this year by having some fun with my Tropic makeup, and creating a Halloween face

For the first time, Baba and I actually did our own pumpkin. Usually Baba does a pumpkin with my sister, but this year we did it ourselves at home and then took it too my sisters to light while we were there.

Baba wanted three eyes, with a zig zag mouth, so we came to an agreement and went with the spinny eyes instead of three!

Both the boys dressed up, Baba as a dead pirate, and Boo as a gorgeous little bat. (Probably the last year I will get away with that with Boo)

They played apply bobbing, and tasted lots of nice food blindfolded and tried to guess what was what.

We went Trick or Treating, and generally they had a great time.

We lit our pumpkin and it looked amazing.

Baba picked its spot between his cousins pumpkins, and all three of them looked amazing together.

All in all this Halloween, was one of the best Halloween’s we have had. Mr L was home, we got to spend the day all together and both boys loved every minute of the day!


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Halloween 2015 #BEDN – Photography
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