Over the last few months our garden patch has become a little bit of an unruly patch that has literally taken over the garden.

Boo could no longer get into his playhouse as the pumpkins had grown over the door so he couldn’t get in the door to play with his toys.

The courgettes had grown over the patio and we couldn’t get to the table because of them.

Mr L and I have been talking about sorting it out for a few weeks now, and today Boo was desperate to get out of the house but Baba is still poorly and really couldn’t go anywhere, so I decided the best plan was to go into the garden and tackle the garden patch and get Boo to help me.

We have had so many courgettes we are getting sick of them, so I decided those plants needed to go. There were three in all and they were growing far too fast and too big. So Boo and I chopped and pulled and cut them all out. He held the bin bags while I crushed all the leaves and stems as small as I could and put them all in the bags.

We then pulled all the weeds and found a few carrots that were growing which I have to admit we pulled up, they haven’t received a lot of sun and they were small but will be perfect for the boys to eat so I was happy to get them out of the ground.

Then we needed to tackle the pumpkins, I didn’t want to throw these as obviously they have a good few months to still grow, at first I actually only thought we had two, after removing the courgettes we realised we had a good dozen if not a couple more. So I wanted to make sure that they could grow as well as they can over the next couple of months.

We got rid of the horrible leaves and the pumpkins that had gone bad, and attempted to stop the growth of the pumpkins, and attempted to move the pumpkins all into the garden patch rather than having them grow across the garden. I hope that they will all still grow after today!

garden patch, pumpkins, gardening, growing, vegetables

So we have gone from having a garden patch that was taking over the whole garden…

garden patch, pumpkin patch, pumpkins, gardening, growing, vegetable

To a lovely little pumpkin patch, this is something that Baba has wanted to grow for such a long time and he was so very excited about them all growing.

I hope that we manage to keep them all growing until we can harvest them so that for the first time Baba and Boo can have their own grown pumpkins.

garden patch, pumpkin patch, pumpkins, growing, vegetables

So if anyone has any tips for growing pumpkins I am willing to take them on board as this is a complete first for us and we are just winging growing them at the moment, but now we need to get them all to the end and ready to harvest and I am a little bit nervous and excited about achieving that.

Garden Patch Update
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