Last year Baba had a reptile party for his birthday.

His cousin then had the same company for her birthday in February.

At her birthday he declared he wanted a crested gecko.

From that day he has been saving to eventually afford a crested gecko.

He hasn’t stopped asking about getting one and it has been mentioned most weeks.

A couple of weeks ago a four-year old crested gecko came up for rehoming, due to no fault of its own.

It was a little girl that Mr L and I looked at and discussed before we took Baba to see her, as we knew he would fall in love instantly.

A week later we brought her home.

And we renamed her Flame.


She lost her tail a long time ago, which Baba loves as it makes her very unique.

He instantly feel in love with her.

And I think the feeling is mutual.

And it doesn’t stop with Baba, Boo loves her too.


She is now a firm member of the family and we again have another pet in our house.

Baba’s love for animals have grown and I am even more certain that as an adult his life will revolve around animals.

Its amazing watching his life and passion grow as he gets older each day.


2 thoughts on “Flame

    • June 8, 2017 at 10:59 am

      He utterly adores her bless him, she is pretty cute to be honest x


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