For a while now I have been talking about my diet, lack of eating healthy and the fact that we both need to lose weight in our house.

But that is all that I have been doing, and not doing much else.

But that is all about to change.

Even though I have cheated with it before I know that the system is good and it does work, and it is something that we can do as a whole family.

So today I have got out my old Slimming World books, refreshed myself with what is allowed and what isn’t allowed, and have meal planned our week and shopped for England.

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I know it isn’t a great time to start a new way of eating right before Christmas and right before you are going away, but really when is a good time. I would rather start it now so that Mr L and I both start to see a difference than leave it and leave it and leave it and actually just get bigger and bigger as we do that.

So tomorrow we make the change. I say tomorrow as the food is being delivered then. But we make the change and we all start to eat healthy.

So what are we eating for this week.

Breakfast: Going to be a selection of yoghurts and fruits this week

Lunch: Is always a tricking thing as I have to think of things that Mr L can take to work at the same time. So this week we are having a selection of Couscous, with roasted vegetables, and bacon. All Day Breakfast pots, for him to take to work, and some healthy sandwiches depending on if we are using bread for dinner and the Slimming World Quiche. 

Dinner: As we are not starting until tomorrow evening, tonight is a mish mash of food that needs to be eaten. But for the rest of the week we will be having;

Jacket Potatoes and Salad

 Turkey Stirfry

Slimming World Devilled Drumsticks, Slimming World Chips and Sweetcorn

Pork Roast

Gammon and Slimming World Chips

Slimming World Fry Up 

Bacon Cod with Lemony Chips

Today I have sat and done a massive online shop.

Tonight I am going to sort out a food diary of what we are eating each day, and will be planning some sort of exercise to add to the mix as well!

2016 is going to be the year we make a difference to our weight.


Eating Healthy – Meal Planning Monday
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