So recently we have a dog that has certainly been living in the dog house.

Tito has always been headstrong, he does what he looks, when he likes and can be the most disobedient dog you would ever know.

He doesn’t like noises.

He doesn’t like the rain.

Or the wind.

Or thunder.

Or lightning.

Or fireworks.

And he does not do change!

He can be very difficult to please.

He cowers, and he is nervous and he will not go out to do his business in the garden if any of the above are happening outside.

But the worst thing about him is that he does not like change.

He hates anything to be different, and we thought that we may have an issue with Baba starting school, but we weren’t really prepared for how big an issue we had.

Since Baba has been at school. Tito decided that he would no longer ask to go out to the toilet, instead he would just do what he had to do, where ever he felt like it in our hallway. Every night we woke up to a mess, and then he took it one step further and wouldn’t even ask in the daytime.

It was getting us all done, nobody was happy, and you could tell that Tito wasn’t happy either.

A week ago Sunday it all came to a head and Mr was mad, he was ready to put Tito in a kennel outside. And everyone had enough even Baba was getting annoyed with Tito.

So last Monday we went back to puppy basics. For a few days nothing happened. All Tito did was get grumpy as Buddy was getting treats every time he went out and did his business, but still Tito did nothing. It got to the middle of the week and we decided to bring out the big guns, and start giving the dogs cheese every time they went outside and did something.

Within a day Tito was suddenly starting to go outside, and over the weekend he improved each day. He even started to wake up Mr L in the middle of the night to go back out so there was no mess in the mornings, which is a little annoying, but if that is what we have to do each night then that is what we need to do. It means there is no mess and that is the main thing.

Every one is happier, I don’t think we are over the worst at all and think this will still go on for a long time to be honest. I am not even 100% sure that it was Baba going to school, if it was I am worried about all the holidays and how Tito will cope with this.

But time will tell, and we shall see how he goes over the next few days.

Has anyone else had this problem with their dogs and change?

Dog Borstal!!
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2 thoughts on “Dog Borstal!!

  • September 18, 2013 at 10:19 am

    Oh no. Our youngest, Rupert, isn’t very good with change and hates being left on his own too. We always come back to tiddles on the floor when we’ve been out and left him (even though he has company as we have 2 dogs). Today there was wee and poo on the floor as my step-dad left early for a UK trip, let’s hope it doesn’t continue for the whole time he’s away!
    Hope you get it all sorted, sounds like you’re on the right track! Good luck!

    • September 18, 2013 at 10:21 am

      Well Rupert and Tito sound very similar, Tito has company 24/7 as he has Buddy with him all the time and I am always at home! So there is no excuse he just does not do change! Little rotter! I hope that we are slowly getting there x


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