So the decorating status has moved from hell to nightmare.

Today all the lounge walls have been painted and the ceiling has been repainted.

But we still have a long way to go.

Tomorrow the walls need another coat, and it looks like we need some expert advice on the lino that does not seem to be loosing its folds at all. But I am hoping it will be more productive tomorrow and we can make a huge leap in the right direction.

Today we have decided to throw one of the units that we have had the TV on for years and years, it is breaking almost beyond repair, and if we take the shelves off another unit, and repaint it, it will be a perfect new unit for the TV and be a lot higher. As someone loves to interview now with all the boxes.

That is looking like my job for the week, I have two units and a rocking chair to paint and to be brutally honest I want to get all that done before I put all the other items back in the room. Might as well finish it completely.

I then have four old vegetable boxes that I shall be using as shelving, so there will be massive changes in the room. But at the moment it is still rubbish, however I am hoping tomorrow will be a big painting for me and then we should haveĀ a lovely gorgeous lounge for Boo’s birthday on Thursday!

Time to get cracking!

Day Two – Decorating Nightmare
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