I have always had a bit of thing about Butterflies, I find them totally fascinating, and beautiful.

Always have.

I love to watch them when they are flying about.

There is something magical about how they fly, unlike other insects, and no I don’t feel the same about moths! I know odd, they are just a little annoying to be honest.

But butterflies I find really interesting.

Ever since we lost Rhianna, when I have been the most upset, or worried about things related to Rhianna I always seem to see a butterfly or a feather.

Frequently when we go to her grave, we see either a feather or a butterfly, it is totally rare, if we don’t see one or the other to be honest.

I wrote yesterday about the fact that we are selling and that I have been really worried about moving.

I worry that no other house will be associated with Rhianna, its a silly thing, but something that really has made me cry the last few days.

I am dealing with it in my own way, but it is still in my head to be honest.

And it is bizarre, almost a sign I suppose, and I do believe in them, some don’t I do.

Ever since we have had the for sale sign outside our house, we have had a butterfly fly into the house.

The first day it flew in the downstairs window and landed on the sofa cushion next to where I was sitting and walked around and then flew back out.

Yesterday one flew in when I was sorting stuff in the bathroom, it flew around the bathroom for a bit and then flew onto the window and again walked around, when I managed to get this picture.

It isn’t great it was just taken on my phone, but it was the best I could do at the time.

It stayed just for a little while and then flew back out again.

I don’t think in the eleven years we have been here, we have ever had butterflies flying into our house.

Let alone flying in and walking around.

We have always had them in the garden, but never indoors.

I am not sure why, but it is bringing me a little comfort that we are doing the right thing I know that!

And right now that is exactly what I need!

Butterflies Visiting
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