Boo has always had bad skin, he has forever been a spotty baby, and a few months ago he started to get a really sore neck.

At first it was put down to a dribble rash as he was a serious dribbler.

But it didn’t really go.

It was then put down to teething, as he had started teething badly.

His teeth came and it still didn’t go.

So a couple of months ago I took him to the doctors. The sore skin was all over his chest and neck and it was bothering him, it was itchy and all the things I could think off weren’t working.

The doctor said it was fungal and gave him some cream.

Over the two weeks it cleared up his chest but his neck became more sore, split and was weeping.

So off to the doctors we went again.

This time we given more cream and some antibiotics, over the next two weeks this combination cleared up his neck but his chest flared up again.

So we went back for a third time to the doctors, to be told once again that it was a fungal infection, I asked if it was eczema I had been researching it a little, as I had it as a child not badly but a little and my niece had it as well. I discovered that eczema, hayfever and asthma are all related and we have hayfever and asthma in our family so I really thought his bad skin was eczema. I kind of got dismissed and got told that it was definetly fungal and he was given some more cream and told to still stay away from swimming.

I came home quite deflated. But not knowing what else to do that evening we put more cream on and started the process all over again.

All it took was one day.

One day of the new cream and Boo’s chest and neck were covered. His neck was scabbing and peeling and weeping and he was in pain.

The cream was not working.

It was a Friday and I decided for the weekend I would stop the doctors steroid cream and just apply Aveeno everytime he had a nappy change or a got dressed.

We did this for a few days and it reduced but was still bad.

So I phoned the health visitor for some advice.

She was on holiday!

So I hit Facebook and Instagram, hoping for some help.

And I found it, thanks to a lovely introduction from Laura I finally got in contact with Bria Organics who instantly tried to help me with poor Boo’s skin. Bria Organics is 100% natural ingrediants for eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis prone skin, that can be used for Adults, Children and Babies.

After talking to them they offered Boo to try their Relief, Repair and Replenish Balm

We were pleased of the offer, as nothing was working that was being prescribed by the doctor. As soon as the balm arrived we started using it everytime Boo had a nappy change, and everytime he got changed. Within three days this happened…

Within three days his skin had completely changed.

We were amazed, and shocked and Boo wasn’t itching and was happy with his skin.

I never thought a cream could work as well as it could and I was so impressed that we tried it. His neck and chest reactions were nearly gone. Not completely but nearly gone.

But we are not at the end of our journey, this week it got hot, and Boo needs suncream. His skin has reacted badly, we are still using the Relief Repair Replenish balm as often as we can, but we need to put cream on his face and currently that is causing major issues. Both his cheeks have become sore and peeling and it is really hard to find a cream that works well with his skin.

Today I spoke to the doctors again about his skin and they said it could be a trial and error process with his sun cream, but that his skin issues where eczema, and we have to think about this when we are doing things such as swimming etc. But that he should hopefully grow out of it.

However I am so impressed with the Bria Organics range, that now we have a confirmed diagnoses I am going to be buying a few more items from their range. For starters I will continue to use the Relief Repair Replenish Balm and at £12.95, for what it achieves I think it is a great price. But I also think I will invest in their Bath Oil and Body Oil and their Nappy Cream for Boo. As he has eczema he needs his body moisturized and I need to keep on top of that, and as all of this is organic and natural I think it could be a good place to start.

If you want to look into Bria Organics more please click on the link here.

Disclosure:  We were provided with Bria Organics Relief Repair Replenish to review and received no other compensation.  All of the opinions expressed in this post are my true own opinions and have not been influenced by the compensation I have received



Boo’s Skin
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