Last week Boo started preschool, the night before I realised he didn’t have a bag. His nappies and clothes are always chucked into one of my bags, so I had a mission to find something to be Boo’s bag in an evening as I didn’t realise until the night before.

After searching the house, there really wasn’t anything that I could use, apart from the million and one plastic bags that we have from shopping.

But I did have some amazing jungle fabric that was given to me as it was being chucked out. I never really knew what to do with it but a drawstring bag seemed the perfect fit. I found my very small sewing machine so it was perfect to attempt to make the bag!

It was a really simple bag and I found it really easy to make, I cut out a long rectangle, folded down one edge to put some ribbon through and then folded the fabric in half and sewed the edges together it was that simple. When I had finished I added a button to push the bag together.

Boo's bag, sewing, drawsting bag, jungle fabric, recycling, Trash2Treasure

The whole project would have been a whole lot easier, if the sewing machine didn’t start to mess around and the foot fall off, and the needle become a problem.

So it did take a lot longer than I was expecting.

Boo's bag, sewing, drawsting bag, jungle fabric, recycling, Trash2Treasure

I love the fact that the fabric is so bright and either side of the bag is completely different.

It was the first time that I ever attempted to make a bag like this, and there are quite a few errors, but I still love it and Boo loves it. Boo's bag, sewing, drawsting bag, jungle fabric, recycling, Trash2Treasure

And I really enjoyed it, I actually loved it, so much so that the next day I asked and begged Mr L for a new sewing machine for my birthday which I managed to get and I can not wait to do some more sewing projects with it.

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Boo’s Bag
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2 thoughts on “Boo’s Bag

  • January 16, 2016 at 12:21 am

    I love Boo’s bag too, I’d be so thrilled if I had made this. I actually gave my sewing machine away as I was so hopeless at ever using it, I see someone make something clever like this and I regret my decision. I can’t wait to see what else you do with your new machine. I hope Boo is enjoying his first term at preschool? Thank you so much for linking up with me on #Trash2Treasure

    • January 16, 2016 at 9:47 am

      I really enjoyed making it, going to stick with the bags for a little while and make the boys laundry bags when I do my next project really need to sort the craft room before I can get started on them though xx


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