We have an obsession with books in our house.

I have already written about my indoor library before which shows that I have a vast collection of books, many that aren’t actually read.

But it doesn’t stop there.

BB has a massive collection of books that near on takes up his whole room floor.

And Boo also has a huge collection that are lurking down the side of his table.

I love that we all have vast collections of books.

But here is my thing we don’t actually read a lot.

The boys get their stories at night time, either BB reads his self and we read to Boo, or BB reads to Boo. But that is really the only time we get to read.

I never seem to have the time anymore, and I kind of hate that BB and Boo only have nighttime stories as their reading schedule.

I really would like to get reading more into our schedule and am thinking of making a real effort that as well as reading before bed, we also try to read a little a couple of afternoons of mornings per week.

How do you make sure everyone reads in your house?

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