When I sorted our books and made the indoor library I realised that we have a huge amount of books that haven’t even been read.

I then looked into my kindle and found over 200 books sitting in there that haven’t been read.

Since then it has been annoying me a little that I have all these books and haven’t really read any of them.

It is something that I really want to focus on over the next few months, years in fact, actually reading books, and finishing them and knowing that I have read the books that I own. Rather than just having a collection that I haven’t ever picked up.

But there are so many I am not even sure where to start.

I am thinking a list will be the best idea and then I can tick them off as I read them and know what I have and haven’t read.

A little record of what I have and haven’t read.

Just so I know how my reading is actually going.

And can look back on what I have read over a certain period of time.

Do you keep a log of what you are reading? As I would love to see some examples of logs that people keep to get some inspiration.


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