So this week has been interesting.

It started on Monday when I got a phone call from preschool saying Boo was poorly, he had a little bug and could I go and collect him.

He wasn’t well and clearly needed to be at home, and came and spent the afternoon on the sofa with Mummy.

He went to bed early and quickly crashed out in our bed with Daddy, at 9pm I heard the first seal bark and knew that a night of croup was heading our way. At 11pm he was coughing regularly and really was in a lot of discomfort, and he was struggling. His little chest was being pulled so far in, and there was no rest for him. We tried him in the bathroom with lots of steam, but nothing was enabling the cough to shift.

By 11.30 we had called for an ambulance. Hoping that they would give him some oxygen and he would be fine.

By 12.30am Boo and I were sat in the children’s A and E waiting for Daddy to arrive, as the paramedics had told us they didn’t think we would be admitted but they wanted him to be checked over.

We sat in the hospital and he had a couple of observations, and at 4am his oxygen level was back to normal and he no longer was croupy so they sent him home.

We got in at 4.45am, none of us had slept, Baba had gone to Nannies but had a very interrupted nights sleep and we were all shattered, and Boo was still very croupy. He remained croupy all day yesterday.

Last night we were all in bed by 8pm last night, and I think I woke up at least five times with Boo coughing and crying last night, but luckily he managed to stay at home last night and no hospital visit.

But he still isn’t right.

We went back to the doctor today, he has red ears, and a red throat, but nothing bad enough for antibiotics, but still not 100% better.

He is quiet, he is coughing lots and he is poorly.

And we are all still so tired, and I am surviving on coffee and Boo is surviving on water to be honest. He isn’t eating well but he is drinking and the bug seems to have gone.

I am hoping this wont last long as we all need to sleep and I want the crazy usually manic Boo back.

Blue Lights, No Sleep and Lots of Coffee
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