Morning is always a little mad in our house, mainly because neither of the boys want to wake up in the morning, and also because Baba is not a great breakfast eater.

So we have lots of debate about what to eat, and when he finally decides he sits for ages and takes a really long time to eat it.

We were given a selection of belVita Breakfast Crunchy Biscuits to try, Chocolate, Apricot and hazelnut flavours. Having a biscuit that Baba was able to have for breakfast was a great novelty and made the process of choosing what to eat first thing so much easier. The fact that he loved the biscuit as well was an even bigger hit.

It meant that the morning became a bit easier. He could get dressed eating his biscuit and was happy moving around and getting ready. I didn’t have to shout as he was happy to just start picking up his clothes and getting ready.

Something that he hasn’t always been great at doing. As I have to focus all my energy on getting Boo ready this was a massive help and made our mornings less stressful!

The chocolate biscuits were our favourites, although Boo and I did like the apricot ones as well, chocolate are the ones that we will buy again as they were super yummy on their own with a glass of milk or dunked into a coffee. And they are filling so that is even better!

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belVita Breakfast Crunchy Biscuits #MorningWin
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