So for the first time I thought that I would take part in the Blog Every Day in November Challenge, this is a new one for me and one that I am really looking forward to. (You blog every day for November, and there are themes to follow as well if you want to, but are not compulsory.)

I haven’t regularly blogged for a long time, so this is a real challenge for me and one that I am really excited about and am going to treat it as fun and hope not to get to stressed about it.

So the first theme for #BEDN is Something New About Yourself.

Now I think most people who read this blog know most things about me, as I am pretty transparent on here. But I thought I would do a little list of a few items that people don’t know about me.

  1. I am really messy, if you know me in real life you will know this, but I appear to be quite an organised person, I really, really am not. Lets just say don’t ask me to find anything too quick.
  2. I am generally late for all my arranged meetings with friends and family, work I can do perfectly on time, but when it comes to my personal life, always late! Without fail!
  3. I am a total hoarder, hence number 1, no space for any of it!
  4. I still have all of Baba’s baby clothes and his toys from forever, and Boo’s (see number 3) I claim Boo will wear Baba’s clothes, he rarely does and we always forget to get the toys down!
  5. In my life time I have at some point lived with or owned five dogs, a cat, three guinea pigs, two rabbits, three hamsters, numerous fish, an african snail, a bearded dragon and a budgie!
  6. My favourite animal ever is the Pot Bellied Pig, I would love one, but my parents always said no, and Mr L says no! (They are all mean)
  7. My favourite book is To Kill A Mockingbird I have read it numerous times and have it in hardback.
  8. I am utter rubbish at Xbox games! Which is a poor show for our house really!
  9. I can’t stand snakes, or worms, they literally freak me out, but I try to hide it in front of the boys.
  10. I can’t say ‘R’ and ‘W’ together, railway and Wayne Rooney cause much fun for Mr L and Baba, and keeps them laughing for ages! Never been able to so I always find alternatives.

So there are some new bits of trivia about me for you to read! Hope you found out something new, and I look forward to meeting lots of you on this #BEDN Challenge.


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#BEDN Something New About Me
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