I didn’t do a #BEDN post last night mainly because I was so so tired, I attempted it, but I opened up the blog and my eyes started to shut and I knew there was nothing that I could do.

But today is another day and missing a day isn’t the end, I am not getting stressed about it, just blogging regularly is a good thing to be honest, and it isn’t something that has to be stressed about. Also the great thing about #BEDN is that you don’t have to follow the theme every day, you can just write as well.

So today I am just writing.

If you have ever read my blog you will know that I haven’t been happy with my weight since having Baba. When I was pregnant with him I put on four stone and really it has never shifted, since having him I have just gained and gained weight.

I have tried various things over the years, Slimfast, Slimming World, and Juice Plus, but have never really 100% got on track with my weight.

It hasn’t just been me either, Mr L has gone the same way as me and we have both crept up and up on the scales and have never really gone down.

It has got to the point where things really need to change.

I am getting really fed up with the way we eat. I am a sugar addict, and I will admit that and I want to get on top of it.

I don’t want the boys to spend their whole life watching me on a diet, instead I want to change how we eat, and it isn’t just for me. It is for me, Mr L and the boys. I want all of us to eat healthy, and to cut out the rubbish that we eat regularly.

I don’t like the amount of sugar, and rubbish food we eat. It is like we are in a vicious circle, I don’t want to eat the cakes, biscuits and chocolate, but all I want is all that food as I feel rubbish about eating it.

So a break needs to be made.

I have a cupboard full of recipe books, and healthy ones at that not just cakes and biscuits, and it is about time that I started to use them.

So I am going to attempt to do just that!

I have been shopping, I have filled the house with fruit and vegetables, and I am determined to make a few changes around our food, and how we eat.

So I have made a few decisions.

  1. I am going to pre plan what we are eating for the week. I need to meal plan, rather than trying to cook on a whim every night when we are busy, and the kids are hungry.
  2. In the meal plan, I am going to plan Mr L and my breakfasts and lunches as well, as we are both really bad at eating both and it is something we have to get on top of. Mr L buys rubbish from the shops and I just eat sugar, and chocolate until dinner.
  3. I am off to buy bottles, none of us drink enough except Boo. Baba has been a bad drinker since birth, and I am a nightmare at drinking and it is something that really needs to change.
  4. I really want to concentrate on three full meals each day! That is my main focus.
  5. If we are hungry in-between meals, we all need to have a drink first, and wait a few minutes. As I seriously think we snack when we are actually thirsty, if after that we are still hungry then it is fruit. I am a grazer and I need to become more of an eater, so this rule is probably for me more than anyone to be honest!
  6. We all need to do more exercise, I am not suggesting any of us are going to start running a marathon yet, but we all need to get more active in our lives, so walking is going to be on the agenda more and more, and I hope to find some activities that mean we can all exercise as a family.

For this week I am going to work massively on these six points and see how we get on.

I am really confident that these few changes will make big differences to us all, and we certainly do need to make some.


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