Baba loves bugs, he always has and probably always will.

Nothing makes him happier than being outside digging in the dirt and looking for bugs.

He picks up snails, like they are the most precious being in the world, and we all get shouted and warned about them on our paths when it rains, if we step on one he goes mad. He takes an age walking to the car, collecting all the snails and moving them to safety.

For a child that has a fear of moving spiders, still ones are fine, he shows no fear in woodlice, beetles, ladybirds or ants. He is happy to pick them all up and move them to safety.

He is fascinated about where these animals live, and we are often sat watching programmes about nature homes, and how they live their real lives.

He has been asking to make a bug hotel for a long time, and I have been looking regularly on Pinterest for ideas, and to be honest I did keep putting it off because I thought we would have to do the garden first, and then make an actual structure for the hotel.

But then I started to see more portable ones, ones made out of plastic bottles that hang, rather than being stuck on the floor, and then saw some that were made in plant pots. This seemed ideal for us to be honest. Our garden is nowhere near a decent garden at the moment, and is on the list of many projects to be done in our house. So to be able to do the bug hotel in a plant pot seemed perfect, as it can be moved from the front to the back when the back garden is completed.

Baba had a great time making the bug hotel.

We went around collecting sticks and leaves, finding dry clumps of grass that had been left from the grass being cut a few days before, finding leaves, and flowers that had dropped from trees.

Basically scavenging for all things around our garden and my parents garden that Baba could find that bugs would like.

He was in his element and loved every minute of it.

Since the hotel has been finished, we have put it out in our flower garden in the front garden, and Baba has been adding fresh petals to it when ever he finds them, and has been keeping an eye on it regularly.

He literally could not contain his excitement when he spotted a snail in his bug hotel the other day. So finally something is enjoying what he has made.

It will be interesting to see what else the hotel attracts over the coming months, as Baba is certainly keeping an eye on it, and we get regular updates of what is happening with it so I am sure nothing will get past him.

Baba’s Bug Hotel
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    • June 22, 2015 at 1:23 pm

      It is great fun and very very easy xx


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