I have always wanted to try cloth nappies, it was something I wanted to do with Baba, but never managed to persuade Mr L to really give it a go. I was determined to try it with Boo.

There are many reasons I wanted to try cloth nappies, the cost of nappies, the effect disposables have on the environment, and the effect disposables have on Boo, he suffers massively with nappy rash and I really wanted nappies that would be kinder to him than the ones that we were using.

So when we were offered to review some Baba and Boo Nappies

I leapt at the chance! It was obviously fate that we should have their nappies as the boys nicknames are Baba and Boo.

I loved the nappies as soon as they arrived, and was super excited to use them, the instructions for preparing them for use was so clear to use and they were put straight into the machine, to be ready to use.

Once they were all dried Boo started to wear them and he instantly seemed comfortable in them.

They were super easy to use, and they really didn’t add to the washing just one more wash a day that I did in the evening, and then let the nappies dry.

Even though Boo and I loved them Mr L wasn’t so convinced, so I brought some liners even though we don’t actually need them with these nappies to try to show him how easy they were to use and that the liners made the nappies less messy and even easier to use.

Once we brought these Mr L did come around to using the nappies, they are not his favourite thing, but he sees how easy they are and how they are much a nicer nappy for Boo to have on him every day.

We even brought another nappy.

Over the last few months we have started to use these nappies more and more and have even used them when we have gone out and about.

Today I ordered a couple more nappies to add to our collection as over the Christmas period I went back to using disposables only as we were in and out all over the place and Boo’s hideous rash appeared again, and that proved to me even further that using reusable nappies is the way forward for us with Boo.

They are nicer to him and his skin, they are nicer to the environment and they are nicer on our wallet to be totally honest.

I am so pleased we tried these nappies and our house is a completely converted to reusuable nappies, I just wish we started to use them a long time ago.

To find out more about Baba and Boo please click here.

Disclosure:  We were provided with two Baba and Boo Reusable Nappies to review and received no other compensation.  All of the opinions expressed in this post are my true own opinions and have not been influenced by the compensation I have received.



Baba and Boo Nappy Review
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