It is that time of the year.

The time when the boys play tag team of being ill.

It always seems to be this time of the year for my two, February is their sickness month. I can go through Facebook Memories and blog posts over the years and they are both so ill in February (not sure why) but it is the month of bugs.

This year it started with Boo being rushed into A and E via the ambulance with croup a couple of weeks ago, he then seemed to get better and last weekend Baba started with the bark. He then started complaining a lot about his throat hurting, which we knew he didn’t have tonsillitis as he no longer has tonsils but after complaining all weekend I took him to the doctors last week and he had pharyngitis an infection at the back of his throat, something that can happen after having your tonsils removed. I literally could not believe it after all the issues he had with his tonsils and the fight we had to have them removed and he then gets another throat infection. So he spent all of last week on antibiotics and by the weekend they were finally both better.

Tuesday Baba had his post operation assessment after his tonsils were removed, and it all went well, even though the consultant commented that his left tonsil was so huge that they sent it off for testing, but luckily it was all clear from any abnormalities. But the consultant was shocked at the size difference and how large his tonsil was when he was well. But he was finally discharged and that chapter of his life is now completed.

We came home feeling good and pleased that his throat was all sorted and the boys were both finally better.

Only to be woken that evening at 1am with screaming and crying from Boo. To find he had been violently ill in his sleep and it continued all night long.

I think he finally stopped being sick at 6am yesterday morning. And yesterday was a very quiet and restful day.

He seemed fine at breakfast, quiet and tired but no sickness, but by mid morning it was clear that he wasn’t even able to keep fluids down, so it was another call to the doctor to get advice on the best plan of action and it was decided that he was taking some liquids and to keep him drinking little and often and keep a close eye on him.

He asked for some toast at lunch time and then had a four-hour nap, and woke up looking a little better. However it didn’t last and he was sick again within the hour.

But as the evening went on he was quiet but had some toast and seemed to be keeping it down. We all went to bed hopeful that he was finally over the worst of it.

However it was short-lived and over night he was sick twice more.

Today he is a lot brighter, and I am really hoping we have come over the worst of it. As I am pretty fed up of being confined to the house this month.

It seems we have a couple of days out and then five days indoors.

And Boo wants to go back to school, he wants to be out and playing with his friends.

So I am hoping this will pass quickly and the boys will all be back to normal for half term next week!

Another Week Another Bug
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2 thoughts on “Another Week Another Bug

  • February 16, 2017 at 11:57 am

    There are so many bugs going just now. My kids have avoided the cold I have. I caught it from another little one I’m sure. Hope you all feel better soon xx

    • February 16, 2017 at 12:33 pm

      Thank you and I hope you feel better soon too xx


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