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This year seems to have gone mentally fast. Before we had blinked it was September, the summer had gone and the holidays had finished and both boys have begun a new school and preschool year.

We had a great summer, and lots of adventures were had by us all.

So much so that I turned the computer off a month ago and haven’t really turned it back on since.

We also had a massive, super huge sort out of the house. Which has resulted in every room being sorted and all the paper work being sorted. We went from six shelves down to two so there was a lot of shredding and paper being organised for the last few days. And I can honestly say I don’t think the paper work has ever been so organised.

I even sorted the doom cupboard that has had shoes and coats in for years and years. A huge amount of bin bags later and it is finally beginning to take shape.

We have Mr L’s tools to sort and the shed but we are seriously finally getting sorted and the top room is now a gorgeous play room, and I can find things when I need them.

I am now catching up on washing things that I have found lurking around the house, but slowly I think we will all be sorted soon. Just a couple more weekends and we should have a totally organised house.

There are lots of things I have written down to blog about, and am looking forward to writing about all our adventures and new plans for the very near future over the next couple of weeks.

We are just settling into the new routines, new teachers for Baba and new hours for Boo. A new school year means some new after school clubs and this week we are getting back into the old clubs that Baba has always done.

It is a gradual process as we all get sorted with what the plans are for the next few months but we are getting there.

But we are back.

School is back.

Playschool is back.

Tropic is back.

And blogging is back.

And Then It Was September
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