This holiday has been a slow holiday, a lovely one, but a slow one.

Not slow as in time going slow, but slow as we haven’t done much we have had days at home pottering, not getting dressed, getting jobs done, playing games and just generally enjoying being a family.

We have all been ill, which has been horrible, but on the flip side it has actually been really nice.

None of us have been in the mood to go out on massive trips every day, none of us have been bothered about seeing people, we have seen family but only on important days. We haven’t been round lots of people. It has just been us.

It really has been lovely.

Just spending time the four of us.

Having no real plans and just doing as we please when we want to.

Having no routine.

The kids have been staying up late as we don’t have to be places, they have slept in late, we have had naps in the day, and have just managed to completely stop.

It is something we never really do.

Christmas is usually a holiday when we pack in so much, as it is the only time Mr really has a big break and we visit family repeatedly, we see friends, we go out most days and it gets to the end of the holiday, the beginning of the next year and we need a break. This year has been so different.

Never before have we all been ill all at the same time.

But its been ok. Yes it hasn’t been lovely that we have all been ill. But its been fantastic that we have just chilled.

The house is sorted. We have the top room filled of junk, that will be gradually sorted as the days and weeks go on, but all the rooms we are using are uncluttered and tidy. The Christmas presents have all found realistic homes that they can actually stay in and the house has been completely cleaned.

We have all slept, we have all caught up on our sleep and enjoyed our time.

The boys have played games, Baba has played with most of his presents, Boo has looked at most of his and Mr L and I have got time on ours.

We are rested, relaxed and recharged.

Ready to go back to school on Tuesday and back to work tomorrow, ready for 2015.

And A Happy New Year
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