Welcome to www.ajourneyoffootsteps.com.

Back in 2010 I started a little blog called And Then All I Thought About Was You. I was a stay at home mum, and I wanted to do something in my spare time.

I have always wanted to write and Big Bro was just over one, so I sat and made my blog.

It started as just a diary recording the fun things that Big Bro and I did, and enabled me to do something that I loved around him, and that was write.

In 2012 we announced our pregnancy news that another baby was on the way, and months later we announced that our baby girl was stillborn.

At the time I separated Big Bro’s blog, and his sister Rhianna Lily’s blog. They needed to be separate.

As the years went on, it felt right to merge the blogs together and to write about all our children together. So A Journey of Footsteps was born.

For a long time the blog was just about Big Bro and Rhianna. But as it grew what I wrote about grew as well. For a whole year I stepped away from writing about children, as I hid my pregnancy to our Rainbow baby Boo.

So instead I wrote about food, decorating, crafting, photography and weddings.

Since our Rainbow has been born, blogging has gone back to talking about children and Boo has become a heavy feature of the blog.

Now the blog has grown again, I am not just a mummy blogger, I am a blogger, and I blog about lots of things.

Now I am more of a Lifestyle blogger, with a little bit of everything written here and there.

So we rebranded once more, and we finally grew up! 

So who are we really? 

I am Kerry, a crafting mad, 36-year-old Mummy to Big Bro, a Lego, Minecraft, crafting crazy, golf playing, aspiring Marine Biologist 9-year-old boy, and Boo, a football crazy and superhero mad, 4-year-old boy and Rhianna Lily who lives in the sky. I am married to Mr L, a comic mad, football loving 32-year-old and we are owners to two beagles Buddy (6) and Norman (4) our rabbit Stewie (7) and the newest addition Big Bro Crested Gecko Flame who is around 4!

What can you find on the blog?

Well a bit of everything.

I blog about the children, I blog about grief, I blog about babyloss.

I blog about crafting, cooking, dieting, clean eating, renovating the house, decorating, gardening, and all family orientated things.

I blog about Scrapbooking, I run my own scrapbooking, mini album, keepsake business – Scrapbookerry.

I blog about skin care and make up. I am an Independent Tropic Ambassador and the views and opinions expressed here are solely my own and not those of Tropic Skin Care Ltd – Tropic Skin Care.

I blog about animals, dogs, rabbits and owning animals.

I blog about studying photography, and completing my writing course.

All things that keep me busy alongside the children.

So a bit of everything, and a lot of variety can be found on the blog.

If you like what you read, and want to contact me about working together you can send me an email at kerrysdiamonds@googlemail.com

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