My children love blankets, Baba has always been a child that curls up under a blanket to watch TV and Boo is just the same.

When Baba was born he had a couple of my baby blankets that mum had passed down to me, but these were buried with Rhianna as she was too small for clothes so she was wrapped in her brother and her mummies blanket it seemed the right thing to do.

But it meant that Boo didn’t have a traditional old style blanket, one like Baba and I had.

So when I was asked to review Abeille Cellular Blanket I jumped at the chance.

Here is a little about the Cellular Blankets from Abeille’s website

“Cellular blankets are the ONLY blankets recommended for newborn babies (the ones that hospitals use). Cellular blankets have small holes in them and keep your baby warm without the danger of them overheating. The clever ‘cell’ construction traps air to keep your baby warm in winter and cool in summer.”

The blanket is a traditional baby blanket, like the ones you get in hospitals, and like the ones I was wrapped in as a baby, but so much nicer.

It is beautifully made, and has a superb finish to the blanket. The edging of the blanket is beautiful and makes it lovely and safe for Boo to fiddle with the edges, and there is no fear it will become undone.

The blanket itself is really soft, and is nice and warm, it is almost a thick feeling blanket but with the holes in the make of the blanket it is not too thick.

As soon as Boo saw the blanket he took to it. He had it in his arms and was snuggling up to it straight away.

It has become our blanket in our car. As it is perfect to use instead of a coat around Boo when he is in his car seat, as I am not worried about him getting too hot in it, and it is also perfect to use with, or instead of his cosytoes in his pushchair.

It is a blanket that Boo really loves, and so do I and it is one that I am sure we will continue to use for a long period of time, as it washes perfectly, and isn’t too large to wash and doesn’t take too long to drive, which we all know is a must with a child’s favourite blankie.

The colours of the Cellular blanket are all neutral so go with any colour scheme in your house, or either sex of the baby and for £20 I really do think they are worth the money as they are a blanket that will last and last and I am really pleased we were sent one of these blankets for Boo.

Disclosure:  We were provided with an Abeille Cellular Blanket to review and received no other compensation.  All of the opinions expressed in this post are my true own opinions and have not been influenced by the compensation I have received.

Abeille Cellular Blanket
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