Everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit, and this is my first Christmas selling Tropic.

I am getting a tad excited about it.

I have always struggled at Christmas time with Scrapbookerry, trying to find the thing that people want to buy and getting really disheartened when people aren’t after that particular item. It was a time when I saw other craft companies selling and selling, and I always had very quiet periods, and in hindsight it really got me down over the Christmas period.

But I am not feeling that with Tropic.

People are wanting to buy, and I am so excited about others getting excited for Christmas.

I have just had a fab little team meeting with another Tropic Ambassador this evening, bouncing some ideas around and getting some plans together for our Christmas events that we have coming up. It is great to have another person to bounce ideas around with, and to talk about what we are planning and what we are going to do.

It makes you excited.

It makes you have a goal, an intention to get things done, which is great as it means that the whole experience is fun. You work for yourself but not alone, and I love that about Tropic.

I am my own boss, but I am working in a community of like-minded people and I am so so excited about the next few weeks.

Can not wait to see what I have achieved by the end of the year!

This is going to be a great Tropic Christmas.

I am an Independent Tropic Ambassador and the views and opinions expressed here are solely my own and not those of Tropic Skin Care Ltd


A Tropic Christmas
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