Nine days ago I blogged about starting my Slimpod Gold journey, it has now been nine days since I first started to listen to the slimpod so I thought I would write a little update.

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Every day I have been writing in my log that comes with the Slimpods and have been recording the differences that I have been noticing on a daily basis.

So I thought I would update with what I have been noticing.

I haven’t done any measurements or standing on any scales, because the log says not to yet, so I am not sure if anything has changed there. But I have only been listening for nine days, so I am not expecting anything dramatic but I have noticed differences.

The biggest thing is that I WANT to drink. I have always been a really bad drinker, and can go most of the day without a drink, however in the last few days especially, I have noticed that when I wake up I want a drink. I am not so fussed on food, but I want a really nice big drink, and that continues throughout the day. I am noticing I am thirsty, which I don’t think I have ever got really before.

I don’t remember the last time I ate a chocolate bar, now don’t think I have stopped sweet stuff, I got a box of Roses for my birthday and I have had cake, it was my birthday, and biscuits. But my biggest thing in life was chocolate, I never really went a day without some sort of chocolate bar, and I can honestly say I haven’t a big chocolate bar since I started Slimpod.

I am not thinking about food, when I am hungry I am hungry, but I am not thinking about it, I don’t think where my next biscuit, or bar of chocolate is coming from, and I can honestly say I am hungry at meal times and I eat, but I am noticing that I am not really hungry in-between those times.

I have started to pick healthier options with my food, only last night we decided to have a buffet dinner, and I decided I wanted couscous with roasted peppers, tomatoes, cucumber and chicken, rather than sausage rolls and sausages etc that I would usually pick.

I am picking at more fruit, rather than the sweet things, which I haven’t always done, and I am enjoying it. I really am liking the fruit, and when I eat it, it seems to be hitting the craving that I am actually wanting.

Over the last couple of days I have wanted to start doing exercise, and this is a total first for me, and I am really excited to gradually get into this frame of mind and see where this will take me.

For the first week, it seems like nothing is happening, but those little changes are really happening and to be honest, without the log I wouldn’t probably notice these little changes, and would probably have put the slimpod down and stopped listening, but the log is a great tool to look back on and actually seeing the subtle changes.


A Slimpod Gold Update
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