This week we have had to stop, slow down and have stayed indoors.

All because of Boo going down with a horrible sickness bug on Monday evening.

He was fine all day, had a great day at play school, and was very good all evening, he didn’t eat a huge amount, which isn’t unusual for Boo at all as he is so fuzzy and literally eats enough to survive some days.

He went to bed and seemed fine.

He woke up once crying, but he had lost his teddy and as soon as he got it back he went straight back to sleep. An hour or so later he started crying again but wasn’t actually awake and stopped crying as soon as he started.

But in the early hours of the morning Baba come in saying that Boo was being sick and he wasn’t lying. Boo was really not well, and it meant at 3am I was stripping beds and the whole house was awake while we sorted out Boo.

Yesterday he woke up not even being able to hold down water, and literally slept for the whole afternoon and evening. He attempted some food last night, just a pitta bread and managed to keep that done.

This morning he woke up quiet but looking a lot better than he did yesterday but still not 100%.

He has managed to eat today and so far so good, but he is thinking that he is better and is starting to do things and then realising that actually he doesn’t have any energy and the smallest thing is wearing him out very quickly.

So now he is curled up on the sofa, not feeling ill, but feeling very tired.

But Boo being poorly has meant that we have stayed in, we haven’t been rushing around, which we would have been in this weather as it is so sunny outside. Instead we have been indoors.

Catching up with the housework, and the washing and just chilling and letting Boo recover from this bug. And it has been needed.

I have managed to tidy up the house and finally get on top of the washing, considering I had so many bed-clothes to wash from the other night, I wasn’t sure I would ever get back on top of the washing. So I am pleased I have finally managed it, I just have the task of putting it all away now which I sincerely hate.

So even though he has been ill it has been nice to stop.

Otherwise in this weather Boo is so desperate to be outside that we are barely indoors and all these things sit there building up before the pile gets too big to handle.

I am hoping chilling at home today will mean that tomorrow he will be better and will be back to his usual self again.

A Sick Boo
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2 thoughts on “A Sick Boo

  • May 29, 2017 at 9:30 am

    Poor Boo. We had a similar attack a few weeks ago. It was bad when it was our 4yo boy, because he still wasn’t able to tell when he might be sick and it was a very unpredictable 24 hours or so, but our 1yo looked so sad; it’s heart breaking. 🙁 And the sheets that need washing! And cleaning the mattress and mesh in the cot. Ugh!

    • May 30, 2017 at 9:33 pm

      Oh the washing is just a nightmare isn’t it. I feel for you it is never ending when they are poorly. I hope they are all better now xx


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