Today we have had a chilled day, we didn’t go anywhere except our town and I managed to finally get the house sorted and catch up with the chores and some washing.

The boys went out with their Nanny for a bit and took a walk up to Rhianna’s grave and put some flowers up there which was a lovely thing for their Nanny and them to do.

It was something that I was so pleased about, as it is so important that they don’t just go to her grave with just us, they need to go with other people, and have a nice time when they go as well.

So they went to the park, they played and they took her flowers.

All things that siblings should do together.

I think Boo got a little confused, he thought that Rhianna was going to be there to play with and he got a little upset when she wasn’t there.

It is such a hard thing for him to understand, I am not sure when he will ever understand but I am glad that he has grasped that he has a sister and that she is a big part of his life and he talks about her all the time.

But the rest of the day we have been sorting and the boys have been spending times with these guys.

Even though the weather was windy Boo has insisted on the back door being open most of the day, so that he and the dogs could be outside playing.

They have been running inside and outside playing, Boo is at his happiest playing out in the garden and loves it even more if the dogs follow him.

And who can resist their gorgeous faces to be honest.

It has been a lovely day and the kids and dogs have all had a fab time together.

I love watching them grow up with the dogs, and seeing how their relationships with them grow as they grow.

Boo is still at the stage of playing imaginatively with the dogs, and they are often superdogs in his eyes, where as Baba has developed a much more gentle relationship with them. He likes them near him when watching TV and they can often be found chilling out together.

But they both have a love of feeding them, and it is great watching them learn about when to feed them how much and them taking control over the dogs water and food. And watching Baba teach Boo what he knows that is something that is really lovely to watch.

Having two dogs and two boys can be manic, especially on walks but it is also magical watching them all grow together and the bond they all share!

A Quiet Day
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