Yesterday we went to our local National Trust park, it is a place we go to quite often but we never really go to the house that is also there, as you have to pay to get into the house and the grounds and it isn’t something that I ever really thought my two would be interested in.

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As the boys have got older both need to be outdoors for some of the day, if they are stuck in for too long they argue and become wild with energy.

Beaches and parks are a must in our lives, not necessarily parks with slides and swings but nature parks, places that they can roam and Boo can run and Baba can find bugs, plants, birds and they can both climb trees.

A couple of years ago we joined the RSPB, and it isn’t something that we have gone to regularly but we know that we can.

Yesterday after looking at the National Trust membership I decided to join Baba and myself up as Boo is still free at the moment and I thought it would be perfect to take both the boys to regularly. They as well the RSPB have a lot of events on over the year and we are lucky enough to live somewhere that is close to a lot of these places. Or we can get to them quite easily.

It is something I want to do with the boys, get them involved more with nature and finding out about what is going on where they live with plants animals and the countryside in general. Both the boys got a 50 Things to do before your 11 and three-quarters booklet yesterday and I really want to start ticking some of these things of for them.

It makes them happy being outside, they are learning and they are developing a love for nature and their own memories with each other while running around these places.

So I have been researching both the National Trust site and the RSPB site for things that are happening and good places to visit with them over the next few months so we can really learn about the outdoors and the country life around us.

A National Trust & A RSPB Membership
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