Today you are three, where has that time gone? I could go on about the fact that I can remember vividly the day you were born, but you know what I am your mummy I am always going to remember vividly the day you were born!

But you know what you never stop amazing me. You are such a determined little boy, this last year you have changed so much going from a small little toddler weary of the world to a confident toddler ready to take the world on single-handed. I think pre school has changed you hugely. Your Daddy and I weren’t 100% sure to send you at only two it seemed so young. But you know what it was the best thing that we ever did for you. 

You have developed so much, your speech has come along, you skills have developed and you love going every time you go. You have great friends there, two really special ones, both who were at your party at the weekend. And it is lovely to see these friendships develop.

You have your own mind it drives me mad, as if you don’t want to do it, then your Daddy and I know about it, but at the same time we both admire you for that. You won’t be pushed around, you don’t follow the crowd you do your things, your way and I hope that never changes. You are happy doing that stay this way.

You have a temper, I am not going to deny it. There is no point, everyone who knows you knows you have one. It is fiery you are a red-head after all, I wouldn’t expect anything less. But you know what you scream you shout, you cry a little and it is forgotten. You may be stubborn, and you wont budge but you make your point known and you move on. In a way it is better than holding it all in and not letting your feelings known. We all know how you feel lol. It is a good thing, just don’t lose it too much ok control it a little.

On the flip side of your temper you have a loving loyal side, and you will stand by anyone you love. Already at 3 you can see your loyalty coming through. No one is allowed to have a go at your Mummy, not even Daddy (don’t ever lose that) it is a trait I love. Honestly no one is allowed to have a go at anyone in your family. You have so many special relationships with all your family. You adore all your family, and everyone adores you back. You give the best hugs and kisses, and are never scared about climbing on someones lap to get a sneaky cuddle in.

You are one of the funniest people I know, every day you make me laugh. Even if we are having the worst day in the world! You are so expressive, that I can’t even put down in words the faces that you pull. The statements you come out with are true legendary classics! And literally make your Daddy and I laugh out loud. If all else fails, you know start singing, this is a new thing in the past few months and it is just makes you go all warm inside! It is so cute listening to you singing, twinkle twinkle, five fat sausages or I’m a little teapot, none of them are 100% right but they are all along the right path and you know what you are attempting to sing!

We are all loving you being this age.

We have difficult days, you still get frustrated, you push the boundaries as far as you can and just a little bit more just to try it out. But you know what you are 3 what else are you supposed to do! It is how you are learning, you have to try to know what you can and can’t do. BUT at the same time, you are turning into a gorgeous little man, who’s good qualities are shining through, and they make us proud of you every day.

Happy 3rd Birthday Little Man xx

A Letter To My 3 Year Old
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2 thoughts on “A Letter To My 3 Year Old

  • October 17, 2011 at 8:01 pm

    Awwww!! I have tears in my eyes!! Im allowed before you tell me not to get mushy! 😛 so sweet! Baba is a lovely sweet little boy and I’m so proud to know him!! :))

    • November 1, 2011 at 9:41 am

      Aww thanks he is a little special isn’t he xx


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