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This holiday the days have been long and the nights have been short

It has been full of stolen childhood moments

The kids have taken a step back and they have just been kids

Their clean toes have woken up and by dusk they have brought in piles of mud

Bedtimes disappeared

Alarms were taken away

They went to bed when they were tired

They ate when they were hungry

Timescales disappeared

They have been outside

They have lounged on the sofa and watched movies

There have been no video games

There has just been imagination

Moments stolen away

Memories made

Playing together with toys they haven’t seen in a while

Building pretend towns

Going off to pretend jobs

Saving the world from pretend villains as Batman and Captain America have saved the day

Cutting the grass with their tractors

Playing pretend golf

And pretend camping

Making a whole new world appear in their minds

Snatched moments in the sun

Superheros fighting

Playing and developing their mind in ways they would never know

They have grown together this holiday

Learning how each other plays

Watching how each other plays

And have just played

No rules

The only limitation has been their imaginations

And as the sun has shone through the doors and windows

Silent stolen memories have been made

We have stood back in wonder and in awe

Watching their sibling relationship grow

Watching Boo follow Baba’s lead

And Baba follow Boo’s

Boo has grown because of Baba, he has learnt how to play, how to make his imagination come real

Baba has grown because of Boo, he has refound a love for things he had grown far too big for

He has fallen in love with being a kid again

He has stopped worrying, he has just been a child

And they have just been kids

Children being children

Learning in the moment

And naturally growing

Those are the moments that count

Stolen childhood moments


A Holiday with Stolen Childhood Moments
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