At the beginning of this year I had decided that I would blog more, last year the blog really got left to its own devices and I really missed it, so wanted to get into a rhythm again with my little space on the interweb.

It hasn’t so far really panned out how I expected.

I had this ideal view of posting daily and getting my blog read again, like it was a few years ago.

But life has got in the way really.

We are really busy.

Well I am really busy.

Work is manic, which is great, but it is full on and I am trying my hardest to work the two and a half days that Boo is in playschool, as I need to do as much work as possible.

Which means when he is at school, it is a quick trip home, a quick blitz of the house and then sitting down and working, and trying to work hard.

It doesn’t always happen that way but I try to make sure that it does.

It also means that when he isn’t at school we can do some fun things. Meet up with friends, go for walks and visit people. Which we have been managing over the past few weeks.

But both the boys are busy as well.

Baba has gone from a Beaver to a Cub, and is loving it, and has been invested, and that has meant his nights have changed his times have changed, and he is again working away on badges that he wants to achieve. And I have the great task of taking of badges, sewing badges on new uniforms and putting all his badges onto a Cub blanket! Which I am really looking forward to it.

He also has his first Cub camp soon and we have been making sure he has all the correct pieces for that.

So life in general has been busy.

When I do have a spare moment currently, I am knitting my squares trying my hardest to finish the blanket that I started ages ago. As I so want it finished soon, but still have loads of squares left to make. I am mastering the stitches but I am not a fast knitter and each square does take me a long time.

So my ideal hasn’t happened but I still want to find a rhythm and I still think that it has a lot to do with the fact that I am not 100% sure where I want this blog to go.

Or what I want to put on it.

I am sure once I master that I will be inspired and fly with the blog, but until then I am not really certain I want it to just be random ramblings all the time!

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