Scrapbooking is my love, so much so that I run a business in it.

But since taking a maternity break from Scrapbookerry I really haven’t done a lot of a scrapbooking, and I really should as it soothes my soul, it really calms me, makes me feel happy, and makes the whole world feel a little bit better.

Yesterday I had an idea after doing the box frame of Rhianna’s booties, I wanted another piece on the same wall as her frame. The ideal thing was to have a scrapbook page of Baba and Boo’s handprints. As soon as I came up with the idea I knew that it was the perfect piece and the wall would be finished then.

Getting the handprints wasn’t quite so easy, Baba was ok, having a lifetime of doing handprints for his crazy crafty mummy, however Boo was another story. He wanted to squish it, eat it do anything with it except make a handprint, the more he was crazy with it the more Baba laughed and the more mental Boo got with it.

It was certainly an experience but eventually we managed to get two prints that look pretty much like handprints.

Side by side.

Brothers together.

I quickly made a scrapbook page out of the prints.

Finding some brilliant Mr Perfect Scrapbook paper and sticking with a blue and white theme. Although a little different to my usual scrapbooking as it was done on the floor surrounded by Baba and Boo.

I loved the page, and quickly got it into a frame and put it on the wall underneath Rhianna Lily’s booties, and finally we have a wall in our lounge that has something of all our children on!

It is a beautiful wall with no other pictures, and you sit on our sofa and can see it directly.

A place you can see three rather than two.

And it is just perfect!

A Baba and Boo Scrapbook Page
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