Last year I wrote quite a lot about my back pain and the treatment that I was having, I get officially signed off from that treatment this week, fingers crossed. But over the course of my treatment I was taught back pain management exercises, and taught how to do things at home that would also help manage my back pain.

I sit very badly, probably years of trying to deal with the pain in my back on my own. I over extend my back and I shift all of my weight onto one leg, and I am over weight as well. There are a lot of factors that are problems for my back.

So there are lots of things that I have to do ongoing.

I have to sort my positioning out and ‘strengthen my core’ it is something that has been said to me repeatedly over the last few months. So I have been referred to the gym, I had my first meeting last week, this week I start my programme I am very scared about it and quite worried as I am super unfit, and the fact that I told the instructor that I felt I was tired and he told me my heart was saying something different worries me even more!

But I shall blog about that when that happens, if I can move afterwards.

But there were a few things that I got told I had to change by the physiotherapist otherwise my back will never get better.

To stand equally on two legs and not just shift all my weight to one.

To drive a car at a twenty to five position, keeping my arms lower down rather than higher up.

To move my pelvis backwards and not have it so forward all of the time.

But the biggest thing was not to sit on the coach with the laptop working.

This is a big thing for me, and something that I do all of the time. But it is SO bad for everyone, but really bad for me and really isn’t doing me any favours.

We have a lovely bureaux in the kitchen one that I upcycled and blogged about here, but over the last few months it has become a dumping ground and the top drawer had come of the runner and it was slowly falling apart.

Today Mr L fixed it, after I tried and had a little meltdown that I couldn’t do it, and I had a good sort of the kitchen, moved a few things around chucked a lot out and got it all sorted.

For many reasons really. Firstly it is on my 100 things to do in 100 days list, secondly I want to sort in the kitchen including the cook books, DVD’s etc we have so many and lots need to go to the charity shops as they aren’t used.

I also wanted Baba and Boo to be able to use the bureaux, it is full of paper and painting etc for them to do and since I decorated it has never really been accessible to them.

Finally I wanted a space that I could set the laptop on and actually do my work.

A desk!

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It isn’t a permanent area, because obviously this is an area that we all work in. So it is a desk that can be set up and used or not used, and I love that it isn’t a permanent fixture.

I haven’t actually sat at a table with a laptop and written or used it on a table with me sitting on a chair for a very long time, I thought that it would be very alien to use. But in actual fact it is ok and I really like sitting here, listening to the radio and hopefully getting lots of work done.

A perfect solution to something that was never going to get fixed otherwise.

It also means that I can write and carry on with my studying sitting here, of an evening or when Boo is sleeping or at preschool!

Back Pain Management

2 thoughts on “Back Pain Management

  • January 11, 2016 at 5:02 pm

    I just got some physio for discs I put out in my back when I read this and like you I think one of my biggest problems is typing on my laptop from the couch. Must try to sit at my desk, but my seat is too slidey 😉 Hope it helps hon x

    • January 14, 2016 at 11:08 pm

      I love that your seat is too slidy lol, but yes you should sit at the desk, although I haven’t been great at it xx


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